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I decided to use Princessqtpi again. I just loved this journal so much for so long. This journal has been a part of my life for a while. I will use it for posts that are not friends only. So if anyone would like to add me back. You can.

New user name

As said before I will not be using princessqtpi, I havbe a new user name. Comment and I will email you my new user name as I see fit.


This is the story of...

the weakest person I have ever met.

I used to think you were strong. Now I see I couldn't have been more wrong. I will never understand how you could allow yourself to look right past what she is and what she has the power to do you.

I don't understand you in general. How do you always manage to get in our businesss in the first place. Why concern yourself? Well I guess Ryan answered my question " All you wanted was for all of us to kiss your ass and tell you that you were fucking right". You Lord over us that you are so much Fucking smarter and greater then us.

You are closed minded You are ignorant when it comes to the world and now that Stepping on the all powerful Brad's toes isn't a Faux Pax. Why don't you kiss my ass.

See I saw this way before anyone else. We were never important to you. At least I wasn't. You have been on my ass about something every couple of months for a year now. So that tells me, you don't really like me.

I don't undersdtand why it isn't ok for Jennie to make a post (with a few low blows) but it is ok for Renea to tell people that I am a liar and to try to ruin my marriage and my friends relationship. How Brad? I still can't get far enough in your head to understand how you condone that. But you believe her. Which hurts because now you have called me a liar. And that really sucks.

One day she'll do it to you. She will lie to you/or about you and it will hurt. You world is going crunbmling. God knows I don't wish that on you. No one deserves to be hurt they she hurt me (and Ryan,and Jennie and Andrew). But just remeber you turned your back on those who tried to warn you. I am sorry about that. Maybe if I wasn't a straight, republican drama queen maybe, just maybe, my opinion might mean something to you.
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A former Icon...

I am really and truly sorry that Ronald Reagan is gone. No, he wasn't a great politician but he could have been. But regardless of who he was politically he didn't deserve the pain he went throught the last few years.

I hope now, he can find some peace.

Why do I love Harry Potter....

Because it is a great escape.

That's all I have to say about that. I am not starting shit, it's how I feel and I WILL NOT justify or vaildate this to anyone. So don't ask me to. Don't expect me to. And I will not take this further than that. I love my friends and my friends know that. But I don't have the time, the energy or the want to hash and rehash this. I refuse to go around in circles. We have different opinions. My friends opinions (whether I like them or not) make them who they are. I don't like everything my friends do but I love them everyday regardless. And I am Not saying anyone doesn't. I am just expresssing my self and trying to make sense of my own emotions. So just bear with my ramblings here. Again I am not accusing anybody of anything (except the obvious) so just....whatever.

I intend to let this go. My feelings have not changed but I want to be bigger than this,whether I truly am bigger than this I don't know, But I am trying. I let my self get caught up in bullshit. I get carried away. That's me. If you don't like me I will be dissapointed but I will understand. I am not for the faint of heart...or for many others for that matter. I am hard to like. I know this. I have grown to be ok with it. I am sorry if I am a dissapointment to anyone, just as you can't be anyone but you, I can't be anyone but me. I don't want to be. Overall (except for a few petty physical parts) I like me. It took along time to like me. I can't go back to who I was before. I wont.

The End

And on a different note:

I said this journal was going friends only but I have changed my mind. This journal will now be the "interest" journal. I will post Harry Potter stuff, Dawson's Creek Stuff, frankie Stuff, etc.. That is all I use livejournal for anymore anyway.

I love you all. Good night.
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Life is sweet

A lot of really good things are happening right now. I wont go into details because of shit.

Speaking of which, this journal is going friends only for a while. Sorry. But if your not on my friends list and you would like to be comment and I will see about adding you.

thanks. Have a good day!!


A lot has happened this week

A friend of mine died on sunday. Not a good friend just someone I knew. She was in a car accident andwas killed. I am really sad.

I am glad Jennie is OK. She had me really worried.

I started a new Harry Potter community. It is a semi role playing game. You should check it out hsoww_2004. if you want to join comment ont he first entry.

We had a sleepover at Andrew's and Jennie's last night it was really cool.